What is a SAP IDES server and why YOU NEED ONE.

What is a SAP IDES server and why YOU NEED ONE.

SAP IDES is a normal R/3 client but with DEMO Data installed within the client. This system includes several sample companies fully configured with the typical relevant business processes. It’s the best option if you are serious about learning SAP since its very simple to use and has a lot of configuration within and a lot of sample data that will save you A LOT OF TIME IN YOUR LEARNING CURVE. Other common uses for SAP IDES are for potential customer to test specific functionality via Internet.

IDES  stands for  “Internet Demonstration and Evaluation System” in the R/3 System,  it represents a model company consisting in an international group with subsidiaries in several countries. SAP IDES contains application data for various business scenarios that can be run in the SAP System. The business processes in the IDES system are designed to reflect real-life business requirements, and have access to many realistic characteristics. IDES uses easy-to-follow business scenarios to show you and help you learn the comprehensive functions of the R/3 System. The focal point of IDES, however, is not the functionality itself, but the business processes and their full integration.

It shows a good example of how the system is able to support all type of industries, from discrete production through to process industries, from engineering-to-order to repetitive manufacturing.

IDES shows you the possibilities of the integrated applications in the SAP System. IDES cover all aspects of a business enterprise, including Human Resources, Financial Accounting, Product Cost Planning, Overhead Management, Profitability Analysis, Planning, Sales and Distribution, Materials Management, Production, and much, much more.

IDES shows you how the R/3 System supports production processes, the supply chain, and the efficient usage of global resources. Or perhaps you would like to increase your understanding of just-in-time-production or the integration of the electronic KANBAN system in an MRP II environment? IDES provides the ideal way to learn about areas such as Product Cost Controlling, Activity-Based Costing, or integrated Service Management and Plant Maintenance. How to manage high inflation is just one of the ever-growing number of IDES business scenarios that you can choose from.


“Why do I need a SAP IDES Server”


As mentioned above an SAP IDES server can shorten the learning curve within SAP. But if you already know SAP it can be the best way to test other Functional modules or to test within other environments different solutions. So whether you are a Consultant, willing to be one or an SAP User. Just check very soon our limited time offer for SAP-ERP.COM regular visitors. Reach us through the Contact Form or send me an email to admin@sap-erp.com

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