Introduction to SAP PS

Introduction to SAP PS




Big and Small-scale projects require precise and detailed planning of activities involved. Theses planning’s require resources to be assigned to specific activities aswell as setting and controlling budgets.

Each and every day markets are becoming more and more competitive. Companies are demanded to more fast development and production of products. Processes need to be more optimized to force cost reductions and competition is growing faster every day. Therefore, a process  for research and development projects that is both chronologically and organizationally perfect gains more importance .

The SAP Project System (PS) optimizes the business processes from project planning through to carrying out the project and enables a project progress analysis. You can plan, carry out and control projects in a target-orientated and a business fashion.

Projects are generally part of the internal processes of a company. To be able to control all tasks in project execution, you need an organizational form that is specific to the project and which is shared by all departments involved. Before you can carry out a project in its entirety, the project goals must be precisely described and the project activities to be carried out must be structured. A clear, unambiguous project structure is the basis for successful project planning, monitoring, and control.

The high degree of integration between the Project System (PS) and other R/3 application components means that you can plan, execute, and account for projects as part of your normal commercial procedures. This means the Project System has constant access to data in all the departments involved in the project.

That way the R/3 Project System guarantees close and constant monitoring of all aspects of your project. This includes both technical and commercial aspects of the project


Projects in SAP (PS) can be structured the following way:

  • By structures, using Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
  • By process, using Individual Activities (work packages)

Projects can de be distinguish between these types:

  • Externally financed projects
  • Customer projects
  • Internally financed projects
  • Overhead cost projects
  • Capital investment projects (Integrating with Investment Management Module)


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