SAP GUI 7.3 Download

SAP GUI 7.3 Download


SAP GUI is SAP’s universal client for accessing SAP functionality in SAP applications such as – SAP ERP, SAP Business Suite (SAP CRM, SAP SCM and SAP PLM), SAP Business Intelligence and so on. SAP GUI functions like a browser. It gets information from the SAP server like what, where, when and how, to display contents in its window. All members of the SAP GUI family have unique attributes that make them especially suited for different user environments.

SAP GUI 7.3 for windows is the latest release since the previous version 7.2 will be supported until April 2013.

SAP GUI 7.3 was carefully improved to provide the end user an interface were the information is presented logically and easy to understand. Several visual and usability improvements have been done in this version to help users organize and complete their daily work easily and efficiently.

The new SAP GUI was presented on June 26/2012 and has the following improvements:

  • Corbu Design: This version has small changes that improve the SAP GUI integration with other components like NWBC that also offers Corbu design.
  • New Themes: New colors can be applied to the system and client. Users are enabled to easily change between colors for different environments. Different colors can be applied for test, development and production environments.
  • Branding: You can now add your companies logo to the superior right corner of your SAP screen. This will allow to generate additional communication and branding. This can be used in SAP design and Corbu Design.

A full list of all improvements can be found in SAP note 1670678.

Download SAP GUI 7.3

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