New Depreciation Areas in FI-AA

New Depreciation Areas in FI-AA

For creating new depreciation areas in FI-AA we just have to follow these Steps:



1- We have to go to transaction OADB to create new area.



2-  Access OAYZ, the new depreciation area must be activated in Asset Classes.



3- Run transaction AFBN


4- Run depreciation recalculation using transaction AFAR

When you add new depreciation area, you have to execute AFBN transaction.

When you have activated the area you can run the program AFBN – New Depreciation Area to load the values in the depreciation area.

When it create posting in FI you have to make a total posting for the values with the transaction OBF1 or OASV

For more  information you can refer to the following OSS notes:

430618 (Procedure for setting up new depreciation area)
301113 (Restrictions of RAFABNEW)
421549 (RAFABNEW: Error with closed fiscal years)


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