Finding User Exits or BADI in SAP

Finding User Exits or BADI in SAP


Guide to finding User Exits and BADIs in SAP


User-Exits: A Userxits in SAP allow us to add our own functionality to the SAP standard program without  modifying it . These are implemented in the form of subroutines and hence are also known as FORM EXITs. The userexits are generally collected in includes and attached to the standard program by the SAP.

BADI allows users to add their own functionality to SAP standard screen without being have to modify the standard program.

The following document provides a guide to finding the corresponding  User Exits or BADI that are tied to SAP standard transaction code using CMOD, SMOD and SE18 transactions. You will find an explanation to the following methods:

  • Method 1: (User Exits)

  • Method 2: (Function Module Exit)

  • Method 3: (Identifying BADI)



Download The Finding User Exits or BADI in SAP Guides.

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